Exmouth Kite Rescue Photo Sequence

These photos were taken from the beach with a reasonable zoom lens. We were quite a long way out.

The photos show us going to the rescue of a kite surfer who’s kit had broken. One of his lines had snapped, causing his kite to drop in to the water. As we were on large spring tides the kite and kite surfer started to be swept out seawards very quickly.

There is always a Lifeguard in or around our Hut to watch the water. Normally this persons spots the kite surfer in difficulty. They then radio, or shout to the other Lifeguards to launch the RWC. One or two of us get our wetsuits on, our buoyancy aids on and our helmets on.

The RWC is then launched, a quick radio test by the driver and a check that the crew is on ok and we are off to the kite surfers assistance.

Two of us were already in our wetsuits as we were training on the beach and in the water when we had to do the rescue below.

Approaching the kite surfer from up tide to make sure the lines do not get caught in the imprella on the RWC. You can see me swimming to the kite, and the Kite surfer is the black dot on the left of picture.

I was on the sled so got dropped off next to the Kite to start packing it down. The driver takes the RWC to the Kite Surfer.

The Kite Surfer packs his lines in, I deflate the kite and start wrapping it up.

Still packing the kite down. Notice how far we have drifted. Look at the green channel boy in this picture and the one above.

Climbing on to the RWC, the kite surfer on the seat with the driver, the kit and I on the sled behind the ski.

Returning to the beach.

Me dragging the kite up the beach, while the other Lifeguard on the RWC checks the Kite Surfer over.

A quick rescue, but without us there the Kite Surfer would have been a lot further out to sea before the Lifeboats got him, that’s if someone had raised the alarm!


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